The inspiration for this blog is really simple.  My husband is a 99% vegan (rarely he will eat an egg) and I am not.  He embarked on the journey of veganism a little over a year ago.  After trying, and failing to follow his lead I resigned myself to eating his cooking at home (because he is the house chef and really good at it) and eating what I like when out and about.  One problem – we have very different tastes when it comes to food.  He likes giant bowls of stir fry with lots of flavors and sauces.  I like my food separate i.e. a spot for protein, a spot for starch and a spot for veggies.  Mixes of food and lots of saucy flavors are not my go to.  I don’t mind once in a while but I can’t eat that way all of the time.  So I decided I wanted to start cooking more at home.  That meant finding something that I wanted to cook and eat while adhering to his vegan diet.  This was hard.   Many evenings we ate very different things.  But after trial and error and more trial we have started developing more and more go to recipes that we both enjoy.  So whether you are a dyed in the wool vegan, a newbie, or cooking for one of them enjoy and let us know how they work out for you!  You will also notice that we steer clear of overly processed foods.  It’s easy to live on pasta and rice as a vegan but not particularly healthy so here you will find that the food is not only vegan but nourishing and healthy.

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